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We bring a new perspective to the office real estate market.
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We bring change to the real estate market by envisioning what the workspaces of tomorrow will look like, and by putting people back at the center of corporate life to improve their quality of working life. We offer a truly 360° service to support modern businesses, answering their need for flexibility.

Our mission is embodied in our
2 brands
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To meet modern companies’ need for flexibility by offering customized workspaces.
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To envision what the workspaces of tomorrow will look like, and transform professional office space into real living space, from renovating to equipping these spaces.

Our brands may be different, but they share the same goal: Make people the focus of everything we do, to improve their quality of working life. And since needs and demands are ever changing, we have to be agile with a short time to market, so that we are constantly innovating and meeting their expectations as closely as possible.


It’s time to innovate and transform to restore value to commercial real estate, but especially to restore value to people, who are the driving force.
This is part of a broader movement, a wind of change to improve day-to-day life for companies, but also for employees.

It’s a universal need that goes hand-in-hand with tangible steps to make a positive impact, both social and environmental, on the way we work.
It's a new way to design the workplace, as a real living space, not limited by borders or physicality.

Myflexgroup currently has locations in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Miami. 
Lille is also about to open.
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