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A startup spirit, a SME organization, with the ambitions of a multinational company.
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Myflexgroup's adventure

The startup that wanted to disrupt corporate real estate

Myflexgroup, previously M2DG, was founded in 2016 and grew out of Denis Granger’s experience. As an entrepreneur, Denis had to deal with the same challenges every entrepreneur in Paris faces when they start a business:

  • Find office space
  • Design and renovate this space with an eye on esthetics and ease of use
  • Manage the space on a daily basis
  • Handle administrative tasks

All these things took tons of time and energy. Any time spent on this took him away from managing his teams and growing his business.

So he created Myflexgroup to offer a better workspace experience, including finding a space, designing and renovating it into an inviting space and then providing full management and maintenance so that companies can focus on their core business.

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A company with intercontinental ambitions

Since its creation in 2016, Myflexgroup has been growing exponentially. 2022 is a major turning point in the history of the company, as the Group has expanded outside Paris with its first offices in Lyon, Marseille and outside France with offices in Miami. Lille is also about to open.

This is an ambitious development plan, which implies an ambitious recruitment strategy. That's why the Group is continuously recruiting new talents to strengthen its teams and participate in the Group's expansion.

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Today, Myflexgroup represents

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Values and commitments for talents

Our day-to-day work is dedicated to defending fundamental values...


Our life experiences forge who we are and make us unique. We don’t believe in standard profiles with pre-filled boxes. Personality, motivation and skill are the 3 criteria we use to select our employees.

Collective intelligence

Synergy of skills is what makes our projects grow. At Myflexgroup, our employees are from all walks of life: salespeople, project supervisors, office managers, architects, etc. By working together, they innovate to handle the constantly shifting needs of companies.
This synergy in embodied in our 3 brands: they are both independent and complementary.


Business itself is constantly changing, which means companies have to reinvent, adapt, test, learn.... they must constantly challenge themselves. Perseverance is key to changing and driving change.
...and we take concrete steps to ensure that Myflexgroup's employees flourish in the company.