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At Myflexgroup, we want to do what we can to help move society in the right direction. We know that each of us has a part to play, and that we shouldn’t wait till we are forced to take action.

That’s why the Myflexgroup Group has been proactive in putting its CSR strategy - both environmental and social - at the core of its brand identity.


The Myflexgroup Group is more than just proactive; it is truly committed to stepping up its mission of making the world a better workplace. In that spirit, the Group developed a solid 3-step plan:

- Measure the impact of our work by assessing our carbon emissions, an essential step in identifying what we can do to reduce our footprint.

- Reduce our carbon footprint with an action plan created based on the results of that assessment, giving us complete control over the sources of our emissions.

- Offset our emissions by proactively working towards carbon neutrality.

Measuring the impact of our work

Climate Act commitment

Myflexgroup has signed the Climate Act, and is on track to complete a full carbon footprint assessment to learn how it can cut its emissions. Measuring our carbon footprint is the first step towards making lasting reductions in our carbon emissions.

This process started in 2021, and the full results will be published in early 2022 on the website of ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition.

Carbon footprint assessment

Reducing our carbon emissions

But assessing our carbon footprint is not the end goal; it’s a tool to find areas to improve. Myflexgroup plans to use the results to develop an action plan to reduce its carbon emissions. That said, Myflexgroup knows we need to act now and we need to act quickly, so it has already taken steps to cut its carbon impact:

Taking our commitment public with ADEME’s OPERAT platform

The French Observatory for Energy Performance, Renovation and Tertiary Actions (OPERAT) provides a tool for listing corporate energy consumption levels under France’s Tertiary Decree. As part of its commitment to transparency, Myflexgroup will be publishing all of its consumption levels on the platform with the ultimate goal of reducing them as much as possible over the coming decades.


Improving energy efficiency across all our sites

In Paris, as in any major city, real estate is aging, suffering from poor upkeep, gradually turning it into an ecological sinkhole and consequently a financial sinkhole.

At Myflexgroup, we seek to fast-track the energy transition in the sector by adopting a 3-pronged approach:

- Conducting a program to train users on best energy practices, to optimize how our sites are used so that the planet reaps the same benefits as our portfolio.
- Optimizing our site operations by transitioning to 100% European green energy and centralizing mechanical systems management (building automation).
- Doing energy renovations to refurbish our spaces and, most importantly, bring them up to standard, using the French Energy Savings Certificate (CEE) scheme to help us fund these forward-thinking investments.

This strategy includes all Myflexoffice workspaces, which exceeded 20,000 m2 of office spaces in January 2022.

A recycling policy for office waste

At Myflexgroup, we do more than just encourage people to sort their office waste; we also set up a recycling policy for it.

The first step was implementing the sorting protocol put in place by Paris City Hall, which forms the basis of 95% of our waste sorting.

And to take things to the next level, Myflexgroup joined the French recycling program Les Joyeux Recycleurs (The Happy Recyclers). With their recycling boxes set up in our offices and training for our in-house teams, we get trackable recycling services that are certified in France.

Les Joyeux Recycleurs also donates 5 euro cents per kilogram of waste collected in our offices to Ares Atelier, an association that helps disadvantaged people find work and reintegrate into society.

Waste collection process

Converting waste produced at our construction sites

One problem facing the Myflexgroup Group is the waste produced at Mymood construction sites. The Group is determined to have this waste converted into something useful, which is why it works with the reclamation company Les Ripeurs.

It’s difficult to make this type of waste production neutral, but it is our responsibility to have the waste reused whenever possible to support the circular economy. This is particularly important for Myflexgroup, as a company that prioritizes going green with its business.

This construction waste recycling strategy is part of a broader commitment, which also includes choosing short distribution channels whenever possible and reusing deconstruction waste.

By the end of 2021, more than 34m3 of waste were successfully converted so far, and we plan to implement this practice throughout all our future construction sites. 

Sustainable mobility throughout our sites

The Myflexgroup Group places special importance on how our employees get around for work. Since our offices are centrally located and close to our clients, we work to raise our teams’ awareness about sustainable forms of transportation: replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation such as electric scooters, bicycles, public transit or just walking.

The goal of this campaign is to see Group employees cut their use of combustion engine-powered forms of transportation to zero for their work-related trips.

Carbon offsets

Reforestation and carbon sequestration project

The Myflexgroup Group is working on reforestation in Denis Granger’s home region of Périgord. Along with the Domaine de l’O, the Group plans to use a tree planting program to recreate a local ecosystem and work towards proactive global carbon neutrality.

So far a total of 160 trees have been planted, and it’s only the beginning. The goal of reforestation is not to offset 100% of our emissions, but to offset some of them. CO2 is stored directly in these trees during the photosynthesis process, reducing greenhouse gas effects.

And this initiative is community-wide – each Myflexgroup client can help with reforestation by purchasing trees on behalf of their company.

We’ve also taken the first steps towards having the Domaine de l’O certified “Low Carbon”.

One 5m3 tree can store 5 tons of CO2. The equivalent of 5 round-trip flights between New York and Paris

“Know-how and let know”: The IMPACT platform

Myflexgroup has signed the IMPACT platform manifesto, an initiative of Olivia Grégoire, the Minister of State for the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, in charge of the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy.

This platform is a tool for Myflexgroup to publish and measure its Environmental, Social and good Governance (ESG) indicators. By doing so, we can affirm our practices in these areas and get support to do our work more effectively.

This commitment is part of the carbon footprint project initiated at the end of 2021, the results of which will be published in the first quarter of 2022.

A plan to repurpose IT equipment

We formed a partnership with ECODAIR to take the computer hardware we use for our work and give it a second life. The goal is to contribute to a more circular, social and responsible economy, reducing the use of raw resources and therefore the impact on the planet.


ECODAIR is also aligned with the Myflexgroup Group’s values in its mission for social inclusion, working to reintegrate workers with psychiatric disabilities through its reintegration worksite.

Its mission is threefold:

- Social: Offer long-term, meaningful professional work to those who come to our workshops and help them integrate the working world.
- Environmental: Reuse as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint and optimize end-of-life of our partners’ IT equipment, while complying with D3E standards.
- Societal: Close the digital divide by providing access to high-quality, reduced-price IT hardware (redistribution, partnerships, B2C and B2B sales).

Repurposing our furniture

Myflexgroup works with the Neptune association to improve end-of-life for the office furniture it no longer uses. This is a community-minded step that Myflexgroup takes to make sure its used furniture is not treated as waste, but as a tool for economic and social empowerment.

The Neptune association organizes rummage sales to help families find what they need and to raise funds. To date, Myflexgroup has sent Neptune nearly 200 tables, 70 chairs, about 20 pieces of miscellaneous furniture, lights, radiators and decorations.


Signing charters to symbolize our commitment

Secularism Charter

Myflexgroup has signed the Secularism Charter, which is based on 3 principles: freedom of conscience and religion, separation of state institutions and religious organizations and equality of all people before the law, regardless of beliefs or convictions. The values of the Republic enable citizenship to be exercised. These values include rejecting all violence and discrimination, ensure equality between men and women, and are based on a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

To learn more, click here.

Diversity Charter

One of Myflexgroup’s key commitments is working for greater ethnic, social and cultural diversity within its teams. This is why we signed the Diversity Charter, a step in support of diversity and beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.

To learn more, click here.

Group compliance

Compliance happens when companies and their employees adhere to regulations. This concept is more than just following the law; it includes recognizing industry standards and guidelines. But what is even more important is willingly committing to the company’s own values and developing best practices, with which a company sets strict ethical rules for doing business, both internally and externally.

The Compliance Charter was validated in 2021 by all employees and enabled the creation of an Ethics Committee made up of voluntary internal employees.

Supporting employee development

Employee profit-sharing

At Myflexgroup, as in any company, success and growth are everyone’s business. Beyond being an additional motivating factor, compensating our employees based on the Group’s results is a gratifying way to remind them that they are the driving force of the company. This is why a Group profit-sharing plan has been voted in 2021, in addition to a personal profit-sharing policy.

Corporate savings plan

In May 2019, Myflexgroup set up its corporate savings plan, which enables employees to build a real estate portfolio within the company. This plan is for all employees and Myflexgroup contributes 25%.

Ethics Committee

In keeping with the implementation of Group compliance, Myflexgroup set up an Ethics Committee to better reconcile economic development and CSR issues. With the Group currently developing and expanding rapidly, we consider this step essential. The purpose of this committee will be to guide and influence the company’s strategic decisions, exercise ethical veto power, and identify internal dysfunction.

For 2022, the elected committee members are:

  • Arthur Eschmann, Chief Marketing, Sales and Innovation Officer
  • Vincent Perché, Facility Manager Myofficemate
  • Arthur Combalbert, CSR Manager
  • Mai-Lin Siron Mignard, Property Manager

Great Place To Work certification

The Great Place To Work recognition program is the highest level of recognition that can be awarded for quality of work environment at an organization.
Myflexgroup makes working experience and wellbeing its number one mission, for clients and associates alike.
This is why Myflexgroup is implementing the Great Place To Work “Engagement” plan over the weeks ahead, with the ultimate goal of achieving Great Place to Work certification.

Training plan

We are currently working on creating a training plan for our employees to help them develop their skills and qualifications in key areas. Our goal is to support each one of our employees in their development, so that as we grow, they also grow, both professionally and as people. The Group’s work requires constant innovation, changing how we understand our clients’ needs, and we want to empower everyone with the tools they need to facilitate their day-to-day work.

Contributing to youth employment

For several years, Myflexgroup has been investing in youth employment, recruiting workers in vocational study programs (part-time apprentice work/part-time professional training) and interns, and training them in the different fields represented within the group. The goal is to help them grow and quickly provide them with meaningful, empowering work assignments. We also take part in the French government’s program “1 JEUNE, 1 SOLUTION” (1 Young Person, 1 Solution).

Changing the game by investing 4% of our revenue in donations to associations

"Etoilés & Solidaires"

Following our solidarity operation with the Association Étoilés & Solidaires, we wanted to continue in this approach to support associations in their mission. We chose the AGAPÉ Association for this new year, allowing them to have access to a space in the heart of Paris, in order to create a real hub for sharing and meetings. 

The association is committed to young people and promotes art in all its forms by allowing artists, professional or amateur, to make themselves known and develop their network.

The AGAPÉ HUB is located since September 2021 Rue Meslay, in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement, for one year.


Myflexgroup supports LINK, the Endowment against AIDS. This large network, of which Myflexgroup CEO Denis Granger is a founding member, brings together influential men and women who are committed to fundraising for a single mission: to end AIDS by 2030. All of the funds raised go directly to the association AIDES.


Myflexgroup also supports the Movember Foundation, which conducts fundraising for the fight against prostate and testicular cancer and for men’s mental health and suicide prevention. The Myflexgroup Group and its employees take part in this event every year to support the Foundation’s work.

Creating an Artists’ Fund

Myflexgroup has created an Artists’ Fund to support the work of contemporary artists. Each year, the group issues a call for projects and gives 5% of its revenue to the artist selected by employee vote.